Maple Sugaring

The Ask This Old House team (with Landscape Designer, Jenn Nawada) visited Shelburne Farms in Vermont to shoot an episode about maple sugaring and show homeowners how they can make syrup in their own backyards.  

Nawada is a former Shelburne Farms teacher. In 1996, she taught in the Outdoor Education department at the farm. When the show started doing episodes focusing on farm-to-table food production, she knew the Boston-based crew had to make a trip to Shelburne, VT.

The crew spent several hours shooting three scenes in the farm's 400 acres of sustainable forest.  Marshall Webb (Farm’s Woodland Manager) and Dana Bishop (Assistant Woodland Manager) showed Nawada each step of their sugar making process.  

The crew captured Bishop and Nawada walking through the forest as Bishop explained what makes a maple tree "tappable," the number of buckets of sap (40) needed to produce one gallon of syrup and the tools needed to boil the clear sap until it turns to the beautiful golden-brown color people recognize.