Client Services


With a three phase methodology, we provide the most comprehensive service to ensure that your design becomes a reality.  These phases include Analysis, Design, and Implementation. The following is an overview of each Phase and the steps that occur within each Phase.



During the Analysis Phase, the planning process begins with an initial consultation to start the master plan. This will provide structure and organization to the creative process. A number of key aspects about your property and its surroundings will be assessed to allow for a full picture before the Design Phase begins.

Initial Meeting
Nawada Landscape Design, Inc. works directly with clients to identify and incorporate their ideas and objectives.  The initial consultation allows us as designers to obtain a personal comprehension of your project. To proceed with the Analysis, a design.

Both time and budget considerations are discussed in the design and planning process to produce a creative, cost effective solution for the installation of your outdoor living area.

Site Analysis
Prior to the actual design it is important to gather a detailed list of information about your property and its surroundings.  We will study your site to observe the existing site conditions including views, topography, drainage patterns, prominent natural features, sun and shadow patterns and plantings.  We will also observe the architectural style, scale of the house, color palette and building materials used as they too play an influential role in the design.


In the Design Phase, a seamless interconnection of spaces unfolds based on the attributes discovered during the Analysis process. NLD, Inc. will work closely with each client to turn their needs and wishes into solutions to achieve the ultimate goal. Design concepts are formulated and refined to uncover a sense of place or Genius Loci of your property. The final landscape plan will be reviewed and approved by the client prior to the start of the Implementation Phase.

Preliminary Design:
With the information obtained from the Analysis Phase, we apply our artistic capabilities. The designer develops schematic drawings that explore different perspectives of how your property can be used. 

Review of Preliminary Design and Budget Development:
Once a design is conceived, we meet with you at your home to present our ideas.  A budget is roughly determined to dictate what hardscape and softscape materials will be used for the implementation

Presentation of Final Design:
Throughout the design development phase, client ideas, budget considerations and adjustments are all be incorporated into the final design. The completed plan will include specifications of existing structures, construction materials and new and proposed plant material.


At NLD, Inc. it is our objective is to ensure that each and every implementation is supervised and completed to the satisfaction of our clients. During the Implementation Phase, NLD, Inc. will manage each component of the build and will provide each client with a status of the project as it unfolds. We believe that customer service and communication are key to the success of any project.

Implementation Proposal:
A detailed proposal for implementation is presented when the Final Design is established. When Nawada Landscape Design, Inc. installs your project we waive the second half of your design fee.

Project Implementation:
Master Plans may be completed in their entirety or in phases. We coordinate and project manage all aspects of the of the installation process to ensure the most successful translation of your design.


At Nawada Landscape Design, Inc., we provide the following services:

Patios and Terraces
Trees, shrubs & perennials
Annual planters
Stone walls and steps
Driveways and walkways
Porches and courtyards
Fences and trellises
Native plantings
Pergolas and arbors
Drought tolerant plantings
Pools and ponds
Outdoor lighting