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Jenn Nawada has been the Landscape Contractor on "This Old House" and "Ask This Old House" since January 2020. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Roger Cook, she inspires and teaches viewers how to tackle their landscaping projects, promoting designs that are both attractive and sustainable.


"This Old House," America’s longest-running home improvement series, has been a cornerstone of the genre since its inception by Russell Morash in 1979. Broadcasting on PBS and the Roku Channel, the show offers a deep dive into the renovation and restoration of historic homes. Each season focuses on a comprehensive renovation project. The show not only demonstrates practical renovation techniques, but also emphasizes the cultural and historical significance of each home, preserving its architectural integrity while updating it for modern living.


Nawada Landscape Design, Inc., TEXT

Ask This Old House complements the main series by addressing the specific home improvement questions submitted by viewers. Each segment demonstrates easy-to-follow solutions that empower viewers to tackle everything from simple repairs to major upgrades on their own. This spin-off series is celebrated for its practical, hands-on advice and how-to segments, making home improvement accessible to a wide audience and encouraging a proactive approach to household maintenance and landscaping.

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