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Master landscape plans were developed to create several outdoor rooms while celebrating the surrounding woodlands. This project focused on updating a formerly neglected landscape to a now thriving and inspiring environment. Existing grades of earth were pushed away from the house, sculpted and reshaped, to provide a larger outdoor living area. The regrading alleviated major drainage issues while containing and managing the water onsite.

Our homeowners wished to utilize the land with a focus on durable kid friendly spaces. Each destination spot was uniquely designed to connect to the vast open space on the property. Fieldstone retaining/sitting walls and thermal bluestone patios were used to articulate the structure of the space.

Native boulders found during excavation were strategically placed to accent and retain the slopes. Drought resistant and native plantings surround the property and help retain the newly sculpted slope. The combination of trees, shrubs and perennials were used to provide height, texture and color to emphasize the beauty of each season in New England.

A custom-built pavilion was constructed to serve as an outdoor dining and living space ideal for watching sporting events by the fireplace and cooking in the new outdoor kitchen.

Amenities included, a fireplace, two patios, an outdoor kitchen, gas firepit, sitting walls, a bocce court, trampoline and swing set. Irrigation, low-voltage outdoor lighting and infrared heaters were all incorporated to complete the functionality of the project. 

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