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In the Historical District of Dedham, this landscape was reclaimed, transformed, and revitalized to accommodate a gracious space to relax and entertain. Inspired by the clients’ wishes to reclaim the landscape, we transformed the pool area by utilizing usable space. New perimeters around the pool were established and allowed space to expand the bluestone pool deck, layer new plantings, and maximize the sunlight.  Connected by a pergola the two pool houses define the edge of the pool and create privacy.

At the main house the patio was renovated with new linear pieces of thermal bluestone and anchored by a rounded New England Fieldstone sitting wall. A custom-built stone carved bowl was designed and installed for a water feature to add a sense of tranquility to distract from nearby noise pollution.

Naturalistic borders of plantings with multi-seasonal interest were designed to soften the edges of the between areas in the landscape.  A collection of trees, shrubs and perennials were hand selected by the designer to ensure stylistic appeal.

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